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Product overviews:
The real-time working temperature of power T&D equipment is one
important parameter for operating safety. During the long-term operation of equipment, the surface oxidation of the conductor body and the loosened or aged connections will increase the contact resistance and hence
the real-time temperature. The temperature may also rise due to overloading. If these conditions are not identified and settled right away, the insulations of parts will be reduced and even penetrated so that a serious accident may take place, including extensive power failure. In order to avoid this type of accidents, traditional temperature measurement mode is adopted, i.e. regular patrol inspections with a handheld infrared temperature measuring unit, although the timeliness and accuracy of measurements are seriously restricted. To solve the weakness of the traditional mode, we have developed this wireless temperature measurement system based on IOT technologies with an aim to provide a better solution to our clients for electric equipment temperature measurement and overtemperature alarm.
Product features:
Our product has the following advantages compared with the traditional manual temperature measurement mode with an infrared scanning gun:
1. Support the data of a plurality of temperature measuring points simultaneously; Each measurement and transmission base station can support the temperature data of 1,000 temperature sensors simultaneously;
2. Automatic temperature measurement: It enables unattended real-time online temperature monitoring;
3. Greater scope of temperature measurement: It can measure temperature at some places which are inaccessible with the traditional mode, e.g. measuring points inside an enclosed container;
4. Temperature is measured through direct contacts. Therefore, it has a higher measuring accuracy than the infrared scanning gun;
5. It allows remote data transmission and remote measurement; The data terminal has a data interface for connection to other equipment, hence better satisfying the needs of a smart power grid.
Online Wireless Temperature Measurement System
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