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Product overviews:
GPS area measuring apparatus is one GPS handheld satellite positioning and measuring unit developed based on precision GPS module and 16-bit microprocessor with low power consumption. This product is characterized by stable performances, user-friendly interface and convenient operations and therefore a good tool for area measurement in the farming, forestry, pasturage and fishing industries.
Product features:
1. It is capable of area measurement and applicable for the accurate field measurement of regular and irregular areas of farmlands, greenbelts, forests, water bodies and mudflats. It supports automatic measurement and manual measurement and can measure the area of irregular polygons. Area measuring range: 0.2-9999.99mu; measuring accuracy: 5% for areas smaller than 3mu; 3% for areas bigger than 3mu; 1% for areas bigger than 100mu.
It is capable of distance measurement and supports automatic and manual measurements. Distance measuring range: 10-99999.9m; accuracy: 2.5m.
3. It enables unit price setup and can display the measured area, current price and actual value.
4. It enables conversion of mu and square meters and can display the measurements in both mu and square meters. It is applicable for measurements in special occasions.
5. It is furnished with a 16-bit high-speed CPU with low power consumption and high performances.
6. The cutting-edge GPS module of U-blox is adopted. It is characterized by excellent performances, high accuracy, genuine and reliable parameters and strong resistance to diffuse reflection and interferences.
7. GPS module has 12 parallel receiving channels with a positioning accuracy of 2.5m and upgrades at an interval of 1 second. It can monitor the satellite reception conditions on a real-time basis.
8. GPS data optimization: reduce the measuring errors arising from GPS signal shifts.
9. It is embedded with a high-gain GPS antenna which is highly sensitive in search of satellite and less vulnerable to barriers.
10. LCD has a backlight and therefore is applicable in the nighttime or when it is dark.
11. Wide LCD screen is adopted to display detailed and accurate GPS positioning data.
12. It has measures against jitters while pressing the keys. It is sensitive in operation and gives out acoustic indications.
13. It is capable of automatic recording and saving of data and can save up to 300 area entries and 100 distance entries. Data will not be lost upon power failure. It is possible to check, summarize and delete the data records.
14. A 2100mAh chargeable lithium battery and a charging adaptor are provided together with the apparatus. It can work for more than 24 continuous hours.
15. It has a remaining battery power indicator and a charging indicator.
16. It is capable of acoustic alarming against low battery power and automatic shutdown to avoid over-discharging of the lithium battery and hence prolong its working life.
GPS Area Measuring Apparatus
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