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Substation Water Ingress Real-time Wireless Monito
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Product overviews:
Substantial considerations have been given to the prevention of water
leakage during the design and construction of substations. But it does not guarantee the absolute absence of water leakage. We know that an unattended machine room has a multitude of machines and equipment. The flooring where heating and cold water distribution pipelines are laid and the facilities of drinking water and fire water are all potential sources of water leakages and affect the safe operations of equipment.
Wireless water ingress sensors are another typical application of IOT (Internet of Things) technologies. This product allows real-time monitoring of any water ingress (pooling) where facilities are installed
and uploads the real-time data of water ingress onto the control host via the data transmission base station for monitoring and alarm purpose.
Main technical data:
Wireless communication frequency
Electrode insulating resistance
Detection sensitivity
Signal modulation mode
Working environment temperature
Relative humidity in working environment
10%RH~100%RH, no condensation
Transmitting power
Mean power consumption
Battery working life
At least 10 years
Status confirmation time
Wireless signal transmitting period
60S (typical value)
Protection class
Substation Water Ingress Real-time Wireless Monitoring System
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