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TQSB-BG002 User Identification and Phase Sequence
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400V Cut-off Switch Intelligent Controller
Online Wireless Temperature Measurement System
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Product overviews:
The power supplier needs to check the data of users of various
transformers and zones during routine management and construction, including the transformer, the bus bar and the phase that supply electricity to the user, so as to realize lean management and reasonable
distribution of loads. The user identification and phase sequence tracing tester is developed to satisfy this requirement.
Product features:
1. Pulse current method and FSK power line carrier signal method are
combined for accurate transformer and zone identification even when
adjacent transformers share the same high voltage, earthing circuit and cable channel.
2. It includes the features of traditional power line carrier transformer and zone identifiers;
3. It can not only identify the transformer and zone, but also judge the
bus bar and phase;
4. It consists of the host and the portable test terminal and has a good
human-machine interface.
Main technical data:
Carrier frequency
Carrier bandwidth
Power source
Chargeable battery
Battery working life
8 continuous hours
Working temperature
-20 to +55°C
TQSB-BG002 User Identification and Phase Sequence Tracing Tester
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